Interior/Exterior Quarter Log Siding
Our quarter log siding is designed to resemble the look and feel of traditional full logs, yet deliver remarkable efficiency at a much more affordable price than classic full log siding. Our quarter log siding can be used in new construction or existing homes, and is great for both interior and exterior use.
Manufactured in our millwork facility  	Available in both 6 and 8 widths 	Available in SPF, Hem-Fir, and Cedar 	Quarter log siding is much more cost-efficient than using full log
We recommend treating your log siding with a transparent stain such as Sikkens©  Cetol Log & Siding. This stain offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats.
**Note: Log siding is a natural wood product and is therefore subject to climatic changes**
FLUDER BUILDER SUPPLY 15 Hagevo Road Windber, Pa  15963 Phone: 814 467-5571    Fax:  814 467-6927 Email:     Advantages include:  	Natural log cabin look 	Interior and Exterior use 	Tongue & groove system eliminates the need for face nailing boards 	Relief cuts on backside of boards help decrease natural warping and twisting 	Quarter log siding is lighter in weight than traditional full logs, making it much       easier to work with and install       Contact Us
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