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Paint & Sundries
As a member of True Value, we are proud to offer Color Made Simple, which provides 1,176 colors to choose from for both interior and exterior paint projects. To learn more about our selection and everything paint-related, please visit the True Value Paint website, or
Click Here to Visit the True Value Paint Website In addition to our Color Made Simple, we also offer a full line of painting & related supplies including: 	Primers 	Spray Paints 	Tapes 	Brushes & Rollers 	Dropcloths 	Thinners & Solvents 	Spackle, Patch, & Putty 	Speed Mixers 	Sandpapers 	Much more!
Stains & Finishes
If you’re looking for stain, we carry a wide variety of colors & finishes. We offer exterior stains from Woodsman (True Value), Sikkens, and Flood. For interior finishes, we offer products from Minwax, ZAR, DEFT, & Zinsser. For more information about each brand, visit the links below, or
Exterior Stain Website Links:
Click to Visit Sikkens Click to Visit Flood
Interior Stain, Polyurethane, & Shellac Website Links:
Click to Visit ZAR Click to Visit Minwax Click to Visit DEFT Click to Visit Zinsser
Adhesive & Caulking
We offer a wide variety of adhesives, including: Wood Glue, Floor Adhesives, Construction Adhesives, Epoxy, and much more. We also carry several types and colors of caulking, for both interior and exterior projects. Other related items such as caulking guns and adhesives spreaders are also in stock. For any more information please.......... Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
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